Monday, September 05, 2005

IF - Roots

I didn't really know my Grandparents very well. They lived in France, we live in the United States. I got to visit them a few times, but I never learned to speak French to them. Still, I have always felt close to my Grandpa, even now after he has passed. He knew a little English and liked to call me "Mon petite chicken". He had a garden with lots of vines and snails. I remember collecting snails in a jar - but I left the lid off and they all escaped. Silly little American. hee hee

So, for the topic of roots, I give you a snapshot of me & my Grandpa Michaux.


Rowantree said...

Your story bring remember to me about my wife life. Nice illustrated, thanks for sharing.

bee'nme said...

Very sweet illustration and story. What a wonderful heritage! Nicely done!

coffee81 said...

it's the sweetest illo and story behind it. like it. touching illo.

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