Friday, May 23, 2008

21 Day Challenge - Day 13

Here we are heading into the Memorial Day weekend, so I thought I would sketch something a bit patriotic. Plus, my preschool class finished up today and performed a few songs for their parents at graduation - "Grand Old Flag", "God Bless America". Of course, this sketch isn't really true to how it went down. This is more of a fantasy picture. In reality the girl got poked in the head by the flag the boy next to her was violently waving, I'm sure there was some nose-picking, and then there was a child or two who didn't actually sing. Maybe I better re-do this one and add some drama! :) All in all, they did a fabo job, and I'm going to miss those booger-heads this summer. (And I meant that in the nicest of ways. hee-hee)

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