Friday, September 12, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness

Today I feel compelled to reach out to any artist or creative that may be reading this blog, and ask you to do someone you don't know a favor. It's always a good idea to perform a random act of kindness, and please continue to do so, but today I've got a specific person in mind for your kind act: Paul Jerde.

Over the summer, Paul, a very creative man in Dallas was riding his bike when he was hit by a truck. He survived the accident, but is still recovering. I don't even know this man, Paul, but was sent a link to his blog from a friend. (You may have heard about Paul through his friend Willie too.) You know how some people are blessed with a ton of lifelong friends? The guy that everyone admires and wants to hang out with forever? Well, from what I've read, it seems like Paul is one of those guys. Everyone says Paul is an amazing, super-terrific guy - and that is exactly what the world needs more of. I'm more than happy to send positive vibes out to Paul and his family.

So, I am asking that YOU take a minute out of your day, say a prayer for Paul's speedy recovery, and then make him a card letting him know you are sending him ultra powerful positive vibes. Paul is an art director, and I'm sure he would appreciate seeing your beautiful artwork. I personally think it would do wonders for him, and could spark a real miracle. Plus, I'm positive that reaching out to someone in need can only bring joy & happiness to you too. Check out Paul's blog for his address in rehab. Thank you!


Chickengirl said...

Hi Debbie, thank you for the link. I will definitely send Paul a card and say a prayer for him.

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

What a nice thing to do Debbie! I'll sure check his link now.