Wednesday, January 07, 2009

IF: Resolve

I know this sounds like a repeat of the last post, but this year I resolve to live a life of gratitude. There's so much to appreciate in this world. I tend to be a pretty positive person, but sometimes I forget to take a moment to be truly grateful for everything in my life. Instead of grumbling about the rain, the girl in this illustration sees the rain as a glorious celebration of nature (and a great chance to splash around wearing her new wellies). If everyone would resolve to have an attitude of gratitude, then the world would be even more amazing than it already is. Think of all you have to be grateful for! (Here's a few off the top of my head: your eyesight for being able to see this post, an ability to actually read this post, and your body for getting you in front of your computer in the first place. Good health is always something to be grateful for!) It's pretty easy to think about all that you should be grateful for, and if there is a challenge in your life an attitude of gratitude could make all the difference!

Illustration from the coloring book: "Don't You Wonder About This World?" Warner Press, 2008 (which I am also very grateful for!!)


Samantha Hughes said...

What's not to love about a good splashy puddle? Fun illo. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment on my blog too. :)

carla said...

Lovely thoughts and illustration!

Eric Barclay said...

What a great character! Happy new year Deb!

Roberta said...

This looks like my Liv...with the first raindrop she's ready to splash in all the puddles!
Cute illo Deb!