Friday, April 17, 2009

Challenge Day 16

I sketched this while watching a "Biggest Loser" marathon on TV. They were all old episodes, but still fun to watch. Actually, the IF theme came to mind while watching it: Impossibility. It must seem like an impossible dream for those contestants sometimes. I'm always inspired by watching them (and feeling guilty when I hear Bob & Jillian's voice ringing in my ears when I'm eating cookies!). Their exercise routine looks grueling. I'm still stuck at whether or not I'll be able to jump rope for more than a minute at a time. That alone is exhausting!!


Chickengirl said...

hahaha... you know its really funny...every time I watch the biggest loser I seem to be eating some sort of big meal or cake!!!

great sketch!

Frizz said...

makes me think about the workout I'm supposed to do tonight - ugh!!