Sunday, April 29, 2012

Great resources for artists

Just like I recently talked about how wonderful Holli Conger is to have as a consultant, I wanted to let you know about a few others I've found to be extremely helpful.

(To the right of my posts - underneath my coloring books, there are some affiliate badges that will take you to the websites, so I won't link to them here. Don't forget to go check them out though.)

Tara Reed is a master at all things art licensing. She has several ebooks available to explain what art licensing is, setting goals with The Artist's Goal Wheel", she holds free calls every month that you can listen in on where she talks to someone in the art licensing biz - you can even email her questions you might have ahead of time, and she has some really great how-to ebooks about making repeat patterns or applying your art to products for a mock-up. She's your go-to gal about licensing. (There are 5 badges on the right that link to her products, starting with the artist's goal wheel.)

Kelly Rae Roberts is also super successful in the art licensing world, but she really has a great class about how to tap into that creativity, getting through your fears (or whatever is holding you back) and soaring as the artist you've always dreamed you could be. (Go check out her book, "Taking Flight" - I know you'll love it!) I really loved taking flying lessons with her, and getting to know other artists who were in the ecourse at the same time. (Look to the right for the Flying Lessons badge)

I hope these suggestions will be super helpful to you and you enjoy them all as much as I have. Best wishes! Deb

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