Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sketch a Doodle Dooo: Day 14

I watch a lot of TV. Frankly, 95% of my brain is filled with stuff from TV. Sad, but true. Anyway, I've been watching Monk a lot lately on Netflix. I'm up to season 4, I think. I always loved that show when it was on USA network. So, here's a couple of illustrations inspired by Monk. I don't remember the episode title, but once Natalie & Julie tag along with Monk to visit his brother, Ambrose, on Halloween evening. "Here's what happened . . ." there's a murder involving a poisoned candybar. I don't have a trick or treat illo in my portfolio . . . I think I need to work on this one a bit more. My favorite is the witch girl, but she's HUGE compared to the man handing out the candy. (I started with her) Mr. Monk would have had me erase everyone & start from scratch, but whatever. Enjoy. Or not.

Mr. Monk made me re-do my sketch tonight. What do you think?? My teenage son thinks the guy is a creeper - it's the moustache. Yay or nay to the stache??

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