Sunday, June 24, 2012

Keane & other lovely thoughts

Those of you who know me, already know I love the British band Keane, and I also love to crochet. Well, I decided to combine my love for both, and make scarves for my favorite Brits. I went to see them in concert in Nashville, and thru some wonderful powers of positive thinking & the Universe making my dreams come true, I got in to a radio show interview/mini concert before the show. I grabbed the opportunity to meet Tom & Tim and give them my scarves. My brain is a bit fuzzy from the excitement, so I can't remember what Tim had to say, but when I put the scarf around Tom's neck, I said, "Gosh, I know it's kinda strange to be giving you a scarf when it's so hot out today." and Tom said, "Yeah, it's like 300 degrees out there." (in his adorable British accent) hahaha So I told him that I made them because I wanted to thank them for coming all the way across the pond to play for us, and also that even though it sounded like a real mom thing to do, I wanted to make sure he protected his beautiful vocal cords when it's cold at home. His response: "Oh, this was a real labor of love then." Uh, yeah, Tom. You totally got it. :)

Tom Chaplin, Deb, Tim Rice-Oxley
(I feel like I should photoshop a scarf on myself so I fit in better!)

I met Richard & Jesse outside the venue when they came to greet the crowd in line since early that morning. They loved their scarves too. Jesse kept his on, and took pictures with others while wearing it. (they are probably wondering why he was wearing a winter scarf in 90+ temps) FYI: the T-shirt I'm wearing is my design from a contest they had last year to design a shirt. Mine didn't win, but it was highlighted on the website, so I had it printed just for me.

Deb & Jesse Quin

Deb & Richard Hughes

So, my thoughts on this is that everyone should send some love & appreciation out to those who bring them joy. I happen to love the music of Keane, and just wanted to say Thank you for sharing that gift to the world. How about you? Is there a musician, artist, writer, entertainer, etc. who you really enjoy? Someone who brings you happiness on a rough day, or makes you laugh anytime? Why not send a card & let them know that there's someone out there who has been affected positively by their actions? You would love it if someone did that for you, right? Well, these folks are no different. Hey, they're artists. They probably have lots of days where they feel like what they do doesn't matter, or isn't good enough, or that they aren't doing anything important. Lift them up with your kindness just like they do for you!

Also, believe in the power of attraction. I crocheted each scarf with the full intent of meeting each member of Keane. I imagined what we'd talk about as I wrapped the scarf around their shoulders. It all came into place. Some might say it was luck, but I really believe I willed it to happen. Hopefully they will remember me as the fan who brought them scarves on one of the hottest days of their tour, but even if they don't, I know it made a difference to them that moment & it was one of the most rewarding experiences of mine.

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