Sunday, September 02, 2012

My State Fair Crochet News!

Last fall, I asked my friend, Audrey, to teach me how to crochet. She makes beautiful scarves, afghans & shawls, and really knows what she's doing. So, once I learned the basics, I wanted to learn how to make toys. I pretty much taught myself how with books and youtube videos. I've been enjoying crochet ever since. So, when I saw on FB that July 27th was the deadline to enter The State Fair of Texas with craft items, I decided to enter. At first, I thought I would just wait until next year since I didn't have anything ready that I could enter, but, the 27th was just the deadline to get your paperwork submitted, not to produce the actual entry. I spent the next couple of weeks crocheting every night. I made the little guy up there that looks like a Where's Waldo, Jr. (not my intention, but that's who everyone says he looks like), and I made a scarf (pictured below).

Yesterday, I received a letter from the creative arts department at the state fair. My doll got 4th place (Honorable Mention Ribbon) and will be on display in the creative arts building at The State Fair of Texas  from September 28th - October 21, 2012. My scarf got 10th place. I have no idea how many entries were in each category, but I think I did pretty well considering I haven't even been crocheting for a year yet.

Just a little reminder to take chances and believe anything is possible. :)

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