Friday, November 02, 2007

My Office

I always love looking at pictures of other illustrator's offices. It's very cool to see the creative spaces where they make magic. So, just in case anyone is interested, here are some pictures of my office. It's my little happy place and it's completely juvenile.

I work digitally, so here's where I spend most of my days. Comfy chair, energetic green walls - the other 2 walls are purple, (fun valances that my Mom made just for me!) and silly things to inspire me. The Arthur doll was donated to me by my youngest son who is now 10 and is "too old for Arthur". I happen to love Arthur, so I've adoped him. He talks when you press his belly and sometimes he says things like "You're my best friend." That's nice to hear when you're working alone.

Well, I guess I shouldn't say I'm alone. Here is my constant companion, Buddy, who has decided my office is also his office. He hangs out there even when I don't! (I wonder if he emails anyone while I'm out!) That's his basket to the left with his spitty, chewed up toys. Most days I hear some obnoxious squeaky toy while I'm trying to get my work done. (And hopefully you can't see the tumbleweeds of dog hair that follow Buddy wherever he goes!!)

The beautiful elephant was painted by my sister. She loves to paint realistically and I like to create crazy critters digitally.

Here's a quick shot of the wall to my right. It's a pretty purple, but it looks too dark in this picture. I have an easel in case I decide to break out the paints & canvas and a bed when I feel the need to chuck it all and take a nap!

That concludes the tour of my studio. Hope ya'll enjoyed it. Now, on the count of 3 the mess will explode back in place and we shall to return to the land of reality. (these pictures are a bit too tidy!!)


Chickengirl said...

love the happy green walls!

Angela said...

Great space!

May I ask, where did you get your desk? I'm looking for something just like it.

Debbie Meyer said...


I got the desk from IKEA. I wish I had some drawers, but it really gives me a lot of counter top space which is the main purpose. Of course, at the moment it's pretty darn cluttered!!