Sunday, October 05, 2008

IF: Sugary

When I saw the IF topic of Sugary, I immediately thought of this piece. It's an old illustration (I created it in class when I went back to get my degree in 2005), It's not exactly my current style, but I have a warm fuzzy feeling about this guy. It was the first time I used Live trace in Adobe Illustrator CS2, I had the chance to create children's illustration in my graphic design portfolio instead of serious business logos/brochures, and I had a lot of fun creating the whole box. It gave me hope that there were opportunities in children's illustration. It also helps me to see how much I've grown as an illustrator. I haven't illustrated an actual cereal box yet, but I've done a couple fantastic coloring books, and stuff for a children's website . . . that's pretty darn sweet!

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Eric Barclay said...

Fun getting to see your old stuff. Still a great illustration and a fun concept!