Tuesday, November 15, 2011

IF: Silent

Here are a couple little owls I did for the Illustration Friday theme "Silent". Moms know all too well that when your baby is sleeping, the world must remain silent!

I created this by sketching it with a #2 pencil, scanning it in and then adding color in Illustrator with different transperancy styles. Hoot! Hoot!


Karen Sagovac said...

Ah yes! Peace and quiet when baby is asleep... remember it well. Although I think the Do Not Disturb sign needs to be on the Mum who is resting while baby is asleep?! Sooo glad I'm past that stage. Lovely illo! :)

Ann Pilicer said...

love this it is so sweet. Great illo! :D

caela said...

hehe this is really cute :) i love the sleeping owl :D