Monday, March 20, 2017

 I love illustrating for preschool kids. I worked with preschoolers in a 3year old class for 5 years, and really enjoyed them. They're always saying funny things, and love to give hugs. Potty accidents and temper tantrums were not my favorite, of course.

My favorite memory is when a few little girls wanted to play beauty shop with me after their naptime. They had a pretend cellphone crooked in their neck talking away as they combed my hair. It was so funny!

Naptime, coloring/artwork, lunch, playground fun, storytime, there are so many possibilities to show preschoolers interacting.

Here are two new additions to my portfolio. I'm aiming at simple, colorful and preschool-friendly. I'd love to work on a board book or picture book for the very young.

Hope you enjoy them. Thanks for stopping by!

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