Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The last couple of days during lunchtime I've been reading "How The Secret Changed My Life". I've read The Secret before, and believe in the power of positive thinking & the power of attraction, but haven't consistently put it into action. (I have a pair of sparkly purple Converse and an extremely sweet dog that I believe came to me because I put it out there though.)

Today, I was reading a chapter about how to use The Secret to gain good health. At first I didn't think that really applied to me. Thankfully, I'm healthy. And then it dawned on me that it would apply to my thyroid! I've had a low-producing thyroid for about 30 years and lately my doctors can't seem to get my medications to level out. I've always been negative about how weak my thyroid is and how its the reason I'm tired, or can't lose weight (in reality it's probably not 100% to blame). I've decided to show some love to my little butterfly shaped thyroid gland.

So, I present to you my happy, incredibly healthy & super strong thyroid gland!! He's a powerhouse! Never have you heard of a thyroid as efficient as mine. The next time I go to the doctor for bloodwork, she will tell me I don't need medication anymore because my amazing thyroid is working perfectly. :) Whoohoooo! You are doing a fabulous job, Deb's Thyroid!

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