Thursday, June 04, 2020

Jacques Cousteau Riding a Killer Whale!

Update: I won a Blue Ribbon at The State Fair of Texas with this piece! :)

I just finished my latest paper mache project! I really love this one. It's Jacques Cousteau riding a killer whale. Why? Who knows why these things come into my head, but I love that they do!

I've always been a fan of Jacques Cousteau since I was a kid watching his underwater adventures on TV. My mom is French, so there's that too. He's an iconic character with his red hat and glasses, so I decided he would make a great sculpture.  I'm very proud of how he turned out. 

The whale is held up with a dowel over a wood & paper mache ocean. 

Close up of Jacque. I crocheted his hat and made his glasses out of wire.


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