Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Creating warms the soul

 I know a lot of people are stressed out with life right now. COVID-related stress is real. Life in general can be stressful. I know that when my Mom died, I threw myself into making things with paper mache because it brought me joy, and free time to think about my loss was not something I was eager to have. It opened up a whole new world for me. I love creating things!! It makes me happy to explore new creative ways to express myself. I love paper mache, crochet, clay work and cross-stitch. I've recently started creating more cross-stitch patterns and fun little clay pendants & magnets. I've even opened up an Etsy shop (DebMeyerCreative) to sell these - because, hey, you can't really keep EVERYTHING you make once you get going.

Mexican Talavera-inspired clay pendants
Hipster Magnets
Assorted animal magnets

Just like exercising and brushing your teeth, doing something creative is excellent for good health. Give it a try! "Create something every day, even if it sucks!"

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